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Puzzle 216: Mod 3

count the number of red tiles to know which way to turn

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Author: snydej
Date posted: 3/28/2009 9:02:18 AM
Difficulty (1..5): 3.54 (37 votes)
Popularity: 38 (38 liked, 0 disliked)
Correct solution submitted: 151


Solved by 85 players

azure (9)dorian_gray (9)edsaw (9)jnpollack (9)scorpio (9)
smylic (9)biscuit69 (10)dancing (10)ebusiness (10)evgeniy_pol (10)
keba (10)kevin (10)krmularc (10)markbyers (10)milusheva (10)
rako (10)RCStef (10)recursive (10)shaggy12 (10)snydej (10)
Trango (10)wallacoloo (10)_nick (11)18111398 (11)cowans (11)
davenger (11)dullerbox (11)Genne (11)goulagman (11)hilbert (11)
kakuoh (11)keith (11)nerdy (11)pankaj (11)sacredsheep (11)
sondab (11) (12)atzame (12)avarga (12)bcgpp (12)
bofh (12)carrben12 (12)ceecee (12)cytse (12)dannythorne (12)
Donatello (12)Drunken_Poet (12)foerno (12)glickj (12)glikker (12)
gogis (12)hbandura (12)ihvaquestion (12)keyon (12)kraker (12)
krishna282 (12)life96 (12)lingqi (12)luciano (12)madbrain (12)
madking (12)masa (12)mathandcarnage (12)mnvdk (12)msmanasse (12)
nico_p (12)padre (12)palex (12)pento (12)plamenko (12)
pulver (12)qinn (12)riske (12)roger_wolff (12)sean (12)
softa (12)ssancho (12)tabascq (12)tau_wedel (12)timepass (12)
tomtom (12)troc (12)Ubaid (12)vincent (12)walky_one (12)

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