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Thread for puzzle Mirror image. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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My route visits every tile exactly once... I needed a small trick to avoid that the last red turn is placed on the stack.
This approach is probably not optimizable to 8 cmds.

garfke, 117 months ago.

My 8 slot solution is an elegant optimisation of the 10 slot solution.

Keba, 138 months ago.

Now I have a 9 and I'm fairly sure that my solution is along the right lines to the 8 - I'm probably just missing one opimisation. A hint that would have helped me get this far faster without giving away the solution is:

The route taken in this puzzle is not the obvious route you'd expect that visits every square exactly once.

markbyers, 138 months ago.

OK, I've gotten a 10 now and there isn't puzzle that I've solved that would be a hint for my current approach. It's a lot less hacky than my original solution, but also a lot less obvious. I guess I'll just have to keep trying...

markbyers, 138 months ago.

Is there a puzzle I can use as a hint to get the 8 slot solution? Is it an elegant solution? I don't get the trick for this one. If it's something that is useful for other puzzles, it might be nice to add to the stack memory tutorials.

My current length 14 solution for this puzzle is very hacky and to be honest I'm surprised it works at all. I can do it in 15 without using hacks.

markbyers, 138 months ago.

loved the 8 slots solution

Gercho, 138 months ago.

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