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Thread for puzzle Tree III. Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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beautifully designed puzzle.. simple and elegant :) had to try a few times before I got the recursion right

chillu, 49 months ago.

Oh god finally... Very nice puzzle, there is nothing really THAT "tricky" but you need to be smart !

Namyrydy's comment after solving the puzzle, 55 months ago.

Did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight! For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.

babosae's comment after solving the puzzle, 61 months ago.

It's not the puzzle - it's the art.

hilbert's comment after solving the puzzle, 106 months ago.

I gotta say: this puzzle is GREAT! Really beautiful one!

pulni4kiya, 106 months ago.

Great map! Used 14 operations. Solved in 30 Minutes. Seemed impossible at first.

lion37, 114 months ago.

I was so proud when I figured out the solution. Great puzzle!

bridgeyman, 115 months ago.

Dude, this is the most beautiful puzzles ever. Nice work, Josh!

ddrcoder, 120 months ago.

It's more hard than "Reflection"

werwolf's comment after solving the puzzle, 125 months ago.

SnydeJ, sorry ;p

Benco, 125 months ago.

Very nice puzzle Snyde once again ! Chillu's comment helped me to figure it out, but it took me forever to code it :D

benco's comment after solving the puzzle, 125 months ago.

Hats off on this one!

Breadth-first searching goodness!!!!!

chillu, 125 months ago.

This is definately one of the more difficult puzzles in the campaign. Optimizing from 14 to 13 is a cute little trick too.

keith's comment after solving the puzzle, 129 months ago.




I'm not sure I even know what it's doing exactly.

beaza, 131 months ago.

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