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Thread for puzzle 1 step forwards.... Hints are OK, but please no full solutions.


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wallacoloo: I don't like that proposal for the simple reason that it makes the puzzles easier. :)

If the designer wanted to make the puzzles easier, they can just add more functions. I think the option should be kept available to add challenge by making a small F1.

recursive, 141 months ago.

haha. Sorry, I try to make most of my puzzles work for any type of solution since not everyone thinks the same way as me, but I still need to limit the amount of commands somewhat.

Possibly an update is needed that allows you to choose a "primary" function that the program starts with?

wallacoloo, 141 months ago.

my 12-commands solution only has a single "F2" in F1. it could be 11-commands, if F1 had enough cells

life96's comment after solving the puzzle, 141 months ago.

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